Direct contracting with physicians

I have conducted studies among physicians looking at their various different patients, and the parts of the study which stand out are as follows:

  1. The group who had their highest visits per patient per year were the Medicare patients.
  2. The group that came second were the cash pay patients. These patients were also the most profitable.
  3. The only group of medical professionals which had results whcih rivaled that of cash pay patients were veterinarians

Then we interviewed the patients. What we found is that patients who pay cash for care demand a better medical product, and the visit doctors who can provide that. Cash pay patients get a 20-30 minute follow up visit, which patients who visit a doctor under a third party payer contract usually pay a co-pay, and often get only a 6 minute office visit. Patients who pay cash also go back for more visits per year.

When we pay cash for care, we get a better medical product, and we usually have access to better doctors.

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