Poll: Americans Oppose Sub-Prime Mortgage Bailout

Congress is considering a mortgage lending bailout, but most Americans agree its the wrong approach by a 2-1 margin. The housing market is adjusting to an oversupply of housing stock and the failure of some high risk borrowers to meet their mortgage agreements. After years of steady growth in housing prices and a historic expansion of homeownership, a market correction is to be expected. Rather than aiding the situation, government intervention would distort the natural correction and prolong the uncertainty and turmoil in the housing market.

Americans understand this and believe that individual homeowners and lenders will need to adjust to market realities, according to a newly released Public Opinion Strategies poll. Between October 18 and 21, 1,000 likely voters were questioned over their opinions on the mortgage crisis.

With a margin of error of 3.1 percent., 90 percent of those surveyed viewed sub-prime mortgages as a serious crisis, but only 31 percent of respondents believed the federal government should get involved.

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